Pants On Or Pants Off Swingers?

What does a swinger, new to the lifestyle do when your “pants on” friends decide that they want to be “pants off” friends but don’t tell you this until they are naked in your living room? Sit back, hold your cock and continue reading and you will understand why swingers can surprise you in ways you never thought possible.   After a fantastic night out with a group of lifestyle friends we met on a swingers site we made our way back to our house where our friends left their truck. Upon arriving home it was not uncommon for our swinger friends to come inside to grab a bottle of water and a quick bathroom visit before they headed the 50min drive back home. 

We went upstairs to change, wash up, etc. We came back down stairs to say goodbye and goodnight, to find our friends naked and starting play on our couch. Not sure what was going on and was very confused we just decided to watch and let them do their thing. Ray was looking at me confused, I was looking at him like “I’m going to kill you”.

The female half started motioning for us to come over and join them. Mind you, we ARE NOT interested in playing with them. We were too new to the lifestyle to turn them down. Frankly we didn’t know how.  Ray goes for a kiss on my cheek and asks me why I agreed to playing with them. When I didn’t, and thought he agreed. So we were both like FUCK, SHIT ahhhh were stuck. So Ray pops up with “babe, go grab the double ended dildo” a little girl play to pacify them and get them outta here. So we start playing with the toy while we are both giving our own guys a blow job. After a few minutes of that, I was like ok that was fun and I’m getting tired so yea... The other female says let’s switch partners and give them blow jobs. 

Here’s where things get interesting. 
So she proceeds to tell us how she gets off on blowjobs and we better put down a blanket or something so she doesn’t soak our couch. Because it’s winter and I have a big basket with blankets in it I grab the biggest, thickest one I could find and literally throw it at them. The irritation had to be obvious.  So I’m on a chair blowing our friend, Ray is on the couch with the wife.  After a few minutes I hear all this moaning and sucking in of air and grunting. The male half was “oh yea baby, give it to him good, make him cum, rock his world” That is exactly what I thought she was doing. So I turned the male half so I can see what the hell she was doing to make Ray make all these sounds. At that point, Ray had his hand on her forehead pushing her off his cock. Surely by the noises he was making she must have made him cum, and being sensitive after he comes he just wants her off his cock. She detaches and leans back, Ray with quick thinking says “my turn, do you squirt?” And proceeds to finger her while I’m trying to pull away from the male half. Mouth full of cock and both his hands on the back of my head, I trying to yell “NOT ON MY FURNITURE” to no avail she unloads a monster of a gush. Ray was shocked and soaked. I was like WHAT THE HOLY FUCK. That ended play quickly. I jump up grab more blankets and towels so it doesn’t soak into our couch and all over our hardwood floors. 
They FINALLY clean up and leave. We kissed them on the cheek on the way out the door, watch them get in their truck and drive away. Soon as they started to pull away. I slam the door, locked it and looked at Ray and yelled WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCK JUST HAPPENED. Here’s where the communication comes in handy for any play situation. Ray thought I invited and agreed to this, I thought the same of him. In the middle of yelling at one another, throwing things in the washer, scrubbing the floor, Ray looks at me and yells “LISTEN WOMEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT I JUST WENT THROUGH. SO GET OFF MY BACK”. Getting no sympathy from me, I yelled back “YOU APPARENTLY LOVED EVERY DAMN SECOND OF IT, YOUVE NEVER MADE THOSE NOISES WITH ME WHEN YOU CUM” This is where my perception was completely wrong, Ray looks at me with tears in his eyes “Babe, those were not sounds of pleasure, those were sounds of pain and agony”. Ray pulls his pants down to expose a red, raw, bleeding, literally chewed up cock. It took a few weeks for him to heal. In the end remember to communicate, voice your reservations and stay clear of this women who will forever be known as “THE MEAT GRINDER” 

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