Here Are 4 Reasons How Swinging Can Liven Up Your Love Life

The most contentious part of a closed relationship is the loss of freedom. Sometimes, you or your significant other can be overbearing without even noticing; a feeling that can debilitate each of you from enjoying that love to the fullest. Unfortunately, this is usually the reason why couples cheat or lie to each other: because they otherwise believe the other is not letting them breathe.

But that doesn’t need to happen. Yes, a loss of freedom is a common side-effect of a closed relationship, but it’s not incurable. In fact, the answer is in the name itself: a “closed” relationship. What we’re trying to say here is to let your inhibitions free. Open yourselves up a little. Breathe.
And read these four reasons why swinging may be the best solution to all of your relationship troubles:

  1. Comfort. Swinging immediately breaks down this essential barrier that every couple faces. You’ll learn new things about each other sexually, emotionally, and physically. And you’ll have a better grasp on what your boundaries are, too.
  2. Trust. As we said, a loss of freedom can usually lead to infidelity, dishonesty, and every other bad part of an unhealthy relationship. Swinging opens up that discussion, and gives you and your significant other a better understanding of each other. A comfortable relationship is based on the trust you hold in each other’s decisions. Especially those that are sexual.
  3. S-E-X. Let’s face it: you’re sexually frustrated. The fruits of passion in your relationship are stale, and need to be reseeded. Swinging lets you discover what it is that gets you stimulated, and enables exploration. For your partner, too. This, in the end, will lead to a better sex life for all. Guaranteed.
  4. Freedom. Again, that favorite word. Swinging brings that back to your relationship. And what a pleasure it’ll be.


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