Cuckholding in the Swinging Lifestyle, SwingerSocial has these wild couples

I was on Swingersocial looking to meet a couple or single female and much to my surprise, I met a couple that was Cuckholding.   The more the wife humiliated her husband and made him jealous, the more turned on he got.  He said it loved the idea of how desirable his wife is.  It a taboo fetish that is much more common than I though among Swingers.

Today’s cuckolding fetish takes the deception and betrayal out of cheating

While the most people think may think the idea of sharing a parther/spouse is horrific.  The American Swinging Association estimates that approximately  16 percent of married couples have chosen swinger lifestyle. While swinging isn’t cuckolding,  the concept of willfully sharing a partner remains unacceptable.  As most of us were raised to have a monogamous relationship.  And  one would think that  Cuckolding would destroy a relationship.  However, personalities differ drastically and boundaries differ.  Many marriages end in divorce, cuckolding can’t be the only thing to blame.

In several surveys conducted by General Survey  Groups, 13% of women admitted and 20 percent of men admitted to having an extra-marital affair. These figures are totally credible considering the popularity of cheating websites like that have millions of members.  And with today’s t Technology having a discreet affair is much easier than in previous times.

Now there are apps that find people within a certain range.  Although we don’t know the number of “hook ups” generated by these sites.  These apps receive over 300 million views a day.  How many of those people are already in a relationship? Infidelity isn’t always the death of a relationship. But rather a time for each partner to be honest, “come clean” and join the swinging world.

For some couples cuckolding in many way spices up a couples sex life without the added guilt of infidelity. While this fetish isn’t for the insecure, it’s certainly not for the devoted to monogamy.

Cuckold is a fetish that has been around for a long time and quite often the woman will admit it’s been in the back of her mind since she was a teenager. It’s an individual kink.   As for the man,  he does not feel like he was a victim. Instead, he might think of himself as “particularly generous in seeing to his woman’s pleasure.”

It’s not always about acting out a fantasy,  often watching it accepted and enjoyed.  People are bored with regular sex. Cuckolding is a way to humiliate a slave or explore sexuality,. “Infidelity is just performing the physical act of cheating on your spouse.  Swinging is the opposite, as  you will often hear “it’s not cheating if your partner knows” .

There are various types of cuckolded men: the submissive, forced bisexual, and the voyeurs. Submissives are into humiliating their male partners.  They fantasize about being degrading and humiliating their male partner.  Next their are guys who are pushed into exploring their darkest fantasies: forced bisexuality. They want to be pushed by their female partner into doing things they would never do, like worshiping another man.  And then we have voyeurs, who just enjoy watching their lover get pleasured by another man. And to take it a step further, for those older males with a small penis and erection issues, watching your woman have sex with a black man is absolutely shocking.

If cuckolding is just another kink thought to be only done in the BDSM world, why do so many swingers participate in?   Quite simply, it’s alays been part of the swinging lifestyle, but is now just being considered, “acceptable” in the swinging world.

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