Swingers Definitions, Understanding Swinging

  • CAMMING (or webcamming) visual communication via webcams online; implies cybersex in Lifestyle vernacular.  Can also be used virtually when meeting someone the first time to avoid a public setting

  • CAN ENTERTAIN someone that has a private location and is willing to invite others over

  • CAN TRAVEL someone or a couple who are able to travel some extended distance to a desired swinging location

  • CD - Cross Dresser person who sometimes wears clothing associated with the opposite sex, generally used by men

  • CERTIFIED SWINGERS normally indicates that a swinger has friends or partners who will vouch for accuracy and validity of their profile; also a general term for swingers with considerable experience

  • CHEATING sexual activity with others without spouse’s knowledge and/or consent

  • CHICKS WITH DICKS see Female
  • CLEAN usually intended to indicate free of sexually transmitted infections and no drug addiction; sometimes confusingly used as truncated description for clean shaven

  • CLOSED DOOR or CLOSED SWINGING sexual interaction among couples using separate rooms, usually in the same house or playroom of a club. Provides maximum privacy.  When used by couples it normally indicates the desire to be in separate rooms from their normal partner when engaged in sexual activity with others

  • CLOSET SWINGER a person who chooses not to disclose their swinger Lifestyle behavior freely

  • COCK RING refers to a ring worn around the base of the penis to help maintain erections and control for tantric sex [depicted here]; usually made of silicon, hard rubber, metal or leather, some may be decorated with beads, studs or spikes for affectation

  • COLLARED a BDSM symbol of a Sub to a Dom by means of a collar made of metal, leather, or other similar materials; many collars are equipped with rings where a leash or restraint can be attached

  • CONDOM used for contraception and/or protection from sexually transmitted infections (STI)

  • CONVERTIBLE synonym for topless

  • COOLIDGE EFFECT scientific phenomenon found in males where the introduction of a new willing sex partner results in nearly unstoppable—and often uncharacteristic—sexual performance despite very recent past sexual activities; this behavior is seen frequently at swinger lifestyle parties where men achieve orgasm with many different women in succession when they normally orgasm only once

  • COUGAR an older woman who sexually pursues men significantly younger than herself. Some definitions define the age difference of at least 8 years minimum; common parlance suggests an age difference of 15 years or more

  • COUPLE two people who may be married, but are presumed to be living together (cohabitating) or in a committed (ongoing relationship) bound by love or affection.  Can also mean a single couple dating for swinging purposes only.  However other couples may have reservations about swinging with such couples

  • CREAMPIE is a term first used in pornography to describe when a man ejaculates inside a partner's anus or vagina.  In the lifestyle it can describe couples who like to see semen visibly dripping from an orifice which they can then lick up afterwards.  Alternatively it can be used as a proxy to suggest that you do not like to use condoms and would prefer to cum inside; see depiction here

  • CUCKOLD old English (1250 CE) meaning is synonymous with a husband whose wife cheats, but has evolved in modern usage in swinger Lifestyle to very broadly suggest a husband whose wife has sex without his direct participation.  In some instances it means a husband (frequently clothed) who watches his wife engage in sex with other(s), or is forced to watch without any sexual release inciting an evolutionary sperm-competition response in the male.

  • CUCKQUEAN gender opposite term of cuckold (above) derived from old English (1562 CE);  lifestyle meaning is similar to male cuckold but is more often found in BDSM relationships and humiliation than dependent upon a male evolutionary response that increases sexual performance; See sperm-competition

  • CUNNILINGUS stimulation of the vagina and clitoris by the mouth, tongue and lips; depicted here

  • CURVEY oluptuous, often with large breasts and hips; not necessarily synonymous with overweight

  • CYBER-SEX sexual communication via the Internet often accompanied by mastrubation until orgasm


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