Swingers Definitions, Understanding Swinging

  • B&D or B/D refers to Bondage and Discipline. Bondage is the practice of restraint, such as handcuffing or tying someone up, for the purposes of sexual arousal.  Discipline is the practice of spanking or other disciplinary actions in order to arouse sexual desire.  Often done in Master and Slave relationships in swinging

  • BACK DOOR synonym for anal intercourse or anal sex

  • BALL GAG a rubber or silicone sphere strapped into a swinger's mouth with straps around the head securing it in place, normally used in BDSM as a tool of humiliation rendering speech unintelligible
  • BARE BOTTOM SPANKING fetish of repeatedly applying percussive force to the naked ass;  a hand is often used, however additional implements may be used, e.g. hairbrush, paddle, straps, wooden spoon; other implements such as cane or martinet may be used but the increased force usually indicates a BDSM techniques of flogging or whipping

  • BAREBACK refers to having intercourse without the use of a condom. This  practice in swinging is high-risk behavior among any participants regardless of orientation and not advised

  • BBC Big Black Cock

  • BBW Big Beautiful Woman; plus size women that may not be at their ideal weight, but are comfortable with their size and appearance

  • BDSM a conflated four letter acronym of three distinct terms:  BD (Bondage & Discipline), DS (Dominance & Submission), and SM (Sadism & Masochism). A wide range of sexual activities in swinging having to do with power and authority

  • BERMUDA TRIANGLE groomed pubic hair (via waxing or shaving) into a triangular shape pointing to vulva [depicted here]; see also SPHINX, LANDING STRIP

  • BHM Big Handsome Men; refers to plus sized men; can also mean tall and large without overweight

  • BI truncated synonym for bisexual

  • BI-ACCEPTING usually refers to someone who is mostly attracted to the opposite gender but comfortable to a limited extent with receiving sexual attention from the same sex; generally speaking it refers to someone who falls somewhere between straight and bisexual, but has different meanings depending on who is using it

  • BI-COMFY varies from person to person but usually used by women (rarely men) to state that she is comfortable being around or with a woman who is bisexual;  she is comfortable with the idea of playing with another woman but does not wish to label herself as bisexual

  • BI-CURIOUS someone who is curious, interested in, or has had limited bisexual experience; Nonetheless, this term is used by many in the swinging lifestyle who have had considerable bisexual experiences but for some reason are still not comfortable with the connotations associated with the label bisexual

  • BI-FRIENDLY generally refers to accepting and tolerance of bisexuality; when used by Lifestyle clubs it usually means they allow to the spectrum of hetero to homosexual behavior; However, when used by an individual it usually indicates an acceptance of same gender advances although not likely to initiate such behavior

  • BI-FURIOUS swinger who gets upset when they are continually asked if they are bisexual.  “WTF!?  Why do all the husbands we meet always ask me if I’m bisexual when our profile clearly lists me as straight!!?”

  • BI-ORAL a swinger who’s experience or desires for bisexual activity is limited to oral sex only; within swinging among males it means they normally do not wish to engage in anal sex, among women it may refer to accepting oral stimulation from other women but not give it

  • BISEXUAL swingers who enjoy sex with either men or women

  • BLINDFOLD see Amaurophilia

  • BODY SHOTS traditionally tequila shots taken after licking the salt off a partner’s body then followed up with the lime wedge from their mouth; however in the swinging Lifestyle it is devolved into simply drinking or slurping any liqueur poured onto the naval, breasts or genitalia of someone else

  • BONDAGE a sexual fetish in which restraints such as ropes, chains, cloth or leather straps are used to bind, tie or hold a participating sexual partner. The person doing the binding is considered "dominant" while the person being bound is considered "submissive."

  • BRAZILLIAN groomed pubic hair (via waxing or shaving) usually until all hair is removed; some use the term to describing the waxing hair removal process itself when used for pubic hair, most use the term as equivelent to the SPHINX style where all pubic hair is removed via waxing

  • BROKEN or UP ON BLOCKS synonym for menstruating; “Jerry, I know you’d love to fuck my wife, but she’s up on blocks right now and will be broken until next week.”  Not to be confused with lack of funds

  • BUKKAKE a Japanese term that refers to showering an individual (almost always a woman) with sperm from several men; depicted here; not a common swinger Lifestyle practice in reality but highly stylized in male-centric porn

  • BULL a single guy who is looking just for casual sex with a female; can be single or part of a couple; a somewhat pejorative term, but men that are labeled "Bulls" are often considered well endowed; they are differentiated from Jackrabbits or SAMS; as a term among gay men it refers to men who are beefy, masculine, muscular, hairy, and have a deep voice or big balls

  • BUNNIES a term of endearment for females in the Lifestyle, typically single

  • BUNNY ROOM a room reserved at a house party or club solely for bisexual women to play in; often this room is used when a house party is just beginning; men are normally not allowed in the bunny room but there may be means provided where they can observe the activity without interrupting


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