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Swinger Plus Sized Girls Can and DO Get Laid In the Lifestyle.

Swingers, and potential swinger women…read this…I’ve receive a lot of emails from other plus sized women who have appreciated my posts about transforming from an ugly chick who know one would want to a desirable swinger woman men actively pursue. Now mind you I am not a model, I cannot bend in some unique way, not really even able to deep throat although I hear I make up for that in other ways. 🙂 I am not gods gift to swinger men.

But the overwhelming theme I hear is “My wife wants to be a swinger, but she thinks she is too fat” or I hear from the woman herself that how could she swing and show her body.  When you look at the PG rated Swinger Social Galleries you will quickly notice many women are not thin and are happy to show off their curvy figures.  Also you will see on our twitter site, many of our members are happy to show theircurvy bodies to thousands of people.

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We all have preferences. I prefer swinger that are clean-cut men that my Mom would approve of. Others like thin, tall, tattoos etc. There are all types and sizes and shapes in the lifestyle and the successful ones are the swinger girls who have confidence in themselves no matter what.


I’ve lost a lot of weight and my body shows the after effects. Only plastic surgery could fix what main stream society consider body flaws and I still consider going through with it. I still struggle with my lumps, bumps and folds every so often. I am human, but I am here to tell you that you are desirable if you CHOOSE to be so! Swingers are generally 40+ and we all have 40+ bodies. Some are cut and perfect by societies standards but they seem to be the ones that are avoided. I recently had a man with a traditionally perfect body want to be with me and I debated with

him for hours about why? Silly me, he liked my personality AND my curves and as a swinger man he loves women for who they are. Damn could he SWING! I would have missed out on a lot.

Men tend to look at the parts they like. They are not judging your baby tummy, or your breasts you loving gave to your children to feed. They want to please you if they are worthy of you. Stop judging yourself and when you do stop and think.

Mr Mars (an author here and great play partner) was talking to me the other day and I was saying how was I getting so lucky with men that were so pretty and hot? He reminded me I was the common denominator. Others look better in a bikini but I certainly look better in bed with my wonderful swing friends and with my wonderful swing partner.

Want to be a swinger and think you can’t because you are not “perfect?” BULLSHIT! If you want it go for it. Some will say no, most will say yes. Also guys you don’t have to be perfect either. I don’t care if you have your hair, put on those 20 lbs you can’t get rid of. I do care that you are clean, healthy and like women. A sense of humor is also fun. That’s it. That’s all you need to be with me and be successful in the swinger world.

My boyfriend loves to be with a woman who has lost her sex mojo and show her she is beautiful and maybe show her how to swing. I am always proud (and terribly turned on) by these wonderful gifts he gives to women that have lost their confidence. He did it for me and showed me how swinging and being in an open relationship is so much fun and that I was desirable even though I am not a model. We all end up looking the same in the end. What a shame if we choose to closet ourselves away because we don’t look like Madison Avenue wants us to.  Thanks Swinger Social,  I’m getting attention 24/7

Love to hear your comments and experiences!


Swingers Start Often In A Sexless Marriage

Becoming Swingers, Is The SwingerSocial Site The Place To Start?

Get others involved; swinging is the easiest way

This is from the experience project.   I don’t have anything to add except read it well, because many of us end up having to make hard choices later.

To All Those That Are Considering A Sexless Marriage


By: An EP User
Written on March 28th, 2016
It It seems many people come to this site looking for advice on whether or not they should marry someone that is not interested in sex. The stories usually tell of the wonderful attributes of the fiance and how they are so much in love. It’s just this one small problem. Is it really a big deal? And then all the comments are Run! Don’t get Married! Leave! He/She doesn’t love you! I’m sure we sound like angry, bitter people to the rest of the world, but we who are members of this group hear pain louder than anger.So let me tell you a little about the pain. You see, if you do decide to marry this person, you will probably be happy enough, and then you will decide to have children and they will be the joy of your life. So by the time you realize that you desperately need intimacy and you desperately need to be touched and you desperately need sex, you will find yourself head over heels for your kids. And you will find yourself willing to do anything to see them smile. And this guy who had wonderful qualities when you married him, will still have those same wonderful qualities. He’s a good dad, a good guy, a good provider. He just doesn’t touch you. Is it really that big of a deal? Your kids are happy, you are sort of happy, just a bit empty and lonely.This is where I am. Life’s just not too bad, but always there’s this big something that is missing. But no big deal. I can handle it. Most days I can anyway. Today, not so much. You see, last week I decided I wanted to get a second piercing in my ears. I work in a doctor’s office and we have the equipment to do this for mommy’s that want their little babies’ ears pierced. One of our MA’s said he would do it for me. So I sat on the exam table and he leaned in close and pushed my hair behind my ears, held my face in his hands and marked the place on my ear where he was going to put the earring. Then he did the other side. His hands stayed on my face and neck and in my hair and his face was so close to mine. After he pierced the first ear, he wasn’t happy with the mark on the other ear, so he had to redo. Now, I am in no way attracted to this man at all. As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure he is gay, but my heart beat faster and my breath came faster, I was affected tremendously by the touch.Today, I was at my kids’ school, volunteering in the library. I was putting books away and was hidden between shelves in the back. I found myself daydreaming about this touch, when it hit me how very, very sad it was, that I was touched more intimately getting my ears pierced than my husband has touched me in years. And I started to cry. And I couldn’t stop. And I kept praying that no one would come looking for me, because how in the hell do you explain this to anyone. All of the heartache just came pouring out of me, and I couldn’t quit crying.If you think that it will be ok, once you’re married, if you think you can live without sex, without being touched, well, you’re probably right most days. But the days you can’t live with it, you better lock yourself in your house and prepare to sob until your gut hurts, because that’s what happens.Everyone lives with pain and disappointment. Life hands it out. Don’t go volunteering for it.

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