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Stories of Swinger Sex

Swingersocial Members Love Snowballing All About BJ’s and Cum

Snowballing is something I have fond memories of and still continue to do. When I started in the lifestyle and swinging I was snowballing without even knowing the name for it.  I was at a swingers club and a swinger couple was chatting me up looking to play.  They were very cute and they were there with their Unicorn.  A Unicorn was a new concept to me–that a couple would have a girlfriend of their own. But since then I’ve become part of a swingers triad myself and I do snowballing all the time with my lover and his wife.

I stayed back with the guy while the two women went off to the dance floor to dance and they started to play with each other right there in front of everyone! Within moments these two swinger women were totally naked out in the open playing with each others clits and kissing.  I was getting majorly turned on.   These were real swingers and I was going to learn about snowballing very shortly.  My back was to the guy and he had a huge hard-on.  He decided to whisper a fantasy in my ear as he rubbed his cock against my ass.

We would love to play with you and have a mini-shutterstock_213084805orgy.  We will do whatever you like and you can be in charge but I have one request.  I want to cum in your mouth and then I want you to feed it to both of my girls.  They will be hungry for it.

I was still only a few months into my swinger life, but it sounded hot!  I love to swallow hot sweet cum, but the thought of feeding it to others made me wet and I started to ache.   I didn’t know it was called snowballing just yet. Just to get him going I turned around and went down on my knees and started to suck him right at the bar.  This got the attention of his two women and they came ov
er to help.  There was a bed up on the stage and we decided to go there rather than a private room.  This was a snowballing lesson that was going to be public.

We fucked for hours up on that bed right in front of the room full swingers.  I now understood why he needed two women and sometimes a third.  People started to pull up chairs to watch us and he was one of the first men to make me realize that swinger men ARE different.  Men and women started to fuck around us and give blow jobs.  It turned into a swingers orgy. We were inspirational.

He would fuck one of us while the other two played. We got into 69 and he would fuck the one on top (aka 369)  I can’t remember how many times I came and I loved the other swingers watching us.  I had discovered my exhibitionist side.

He then whispered in my ear “May I please have my fantasy, my lady?”  He was tired and his girls obviously were in on the fantasy because we pushed him back on the bed.  Each one of them started to suck on his nipples and I went down on his cock.  I’ve always believed that blow-jobs are really great wet hand-jobs.  He had held off for a long time but I was determined to get all of his cum.  The three of us on him at once was too much for him to hold out and he exploded in my mouth.

His cum was sweet and he was a heavy cummer…I couldn’t hold it all in my mouth and it ran down my chin and throat.  After he had emptied his balls into my mouth I looked up at the three of them and the girls scrambled to get to me.  One started to lick it off my chin, the other my neck.  The only cum left was in my mouth.

Each of them then fell back on the bed and like little birdies opened their mouths and begged for the cum.  I came over to the first and snowballed it out of my mouth into hers.  The audience could see it and I could hear a gasp.  I then gave some to the other woman and was leaving some for me to swallow when he came over and kissed me and sucked the rest from my mouth.

The crowd actually clapped.  I turned red not knowing I had produced this fantasy for so many of them–called snowballing.  I was hot and tired and so satisfied.  Several other couples came up asking for my “slut card”  I had no idea what that was but I gave them my name on SwingerSocial .  I had tons of emails the next morning when I woke up.  Snowballing has become one of my favorite things to do, and I share loads of my lover’s cum with his wife all the time.  And she snowballs me too!

I look forward to snowballing in public again!

How to find swinging partners on a swingers site?

There are many swinger sites out there, spank

however most are old and very few have new “fresh” members.  Therefore, your chances of finding a swinging partner is not great on these sites since there members already have tight knit groups.  Making it very very difficult to meet new swingers and your chance of finding a swinging partner there is very slim.

A Fresh New Swingers Site

Swingersocial is a FRESH, new swingers site with fresh new faces.  Being a new site without “seasoned members” and tight knit groups, makes us one of the easiest sites to meet partners on.  Also it seems like the older swinger sites are now more interested in selling your items.  If you look at SLS or Kasadie you’ll be inundated with advertisements.  Our focus is to let our members easily meet other swingers.  On Swingersocial, our members come first.  We make it our goal to help you meet other swinging partners.  Not sell you all kinds of things.

Our shortcoming as of today is the site is new and does not have a large database throughout the US.  Although in some states we do have a large data base of members.  Probably our only non-positive feature for now.  However, our growth has been excellent.  And whenever a member joins they will be immediately notified about all the members in the local area.  We will also be keeping you up to date with new members in your area.

A Few Items To Help You Meet Swinging Partners

Your Profile:

Present yourselves as accurately as possible: Put up recent photos,  in your profile detail what you are looking for and the type of person(s) you’re looking to meet. And guy’s do not only put up cock photos, Members want to see your faces and bodies.  A well written profile show’s members that you are very serious about meeting others.

Be Patient and Do Not Get Frustrated

Even though we have the most ambitious members who are anxious to meet here on Swingersocial, don’t expect to get a reply to every email.  Certainly don’t get frustrated.  It’s like any site, getting replies can’t be expected 100% of the time.  Just be persistent.  Be patient, people don’t always check their emails or maybe traveling.  Just keep trying, after all sending an email doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Friends and Chat:

Be sure to make as many friends as possible and chat whenever you can, the more people you meet and get to know the more likely you will find the person(s) you’ve been looking for.  We have an excellent online and mobile chat program, designed by Comet Chat.  Their chat app makes it easy to talk with all members at any time.  Out chat time is unlimited.

If you used these simple suggestions you will be much more likely to meet new swinger friends.  Please do not be shy and leave comments or suggestions below.

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